What is a Transition coach?

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”
James Dean

Life is full of surprises. Some good. Some, let’s say, a bit more tricky…
As a transition coach, I help you stay on track and overcome challenges throughout stressful life changing situations. By clarifying, assessing and prioritizing your goals, we co-create and take concrete steps to move forward, unravelling your values, empowering your decision making, managing change, boosting your self-confidence, self-esteem and leadership.
You could see it as a partnership between a detective (me) and an explorer (you), the objective being to untangle the vision you have for yourself (your goal) and create the paths that will guide you towards it (your actions).

Did you know?

Studies have shown that coaching has a positive impact on many aspects of life, including: Work/life balance; communication skills; mental load; stress management; empathy; curiosity; time management…
It is by altering our habits that we change our reality. It is never too late to change, it is never too late to unleash ourselves and thrive. Life is a game, let’s start playing.

How does it work?

I work in French as well as English (and maybe one day, in Spanish…).
In order to facilitate and bring flexibility to scheduling, geographic location (as many of you are not Swiss based) and set up, the sessions are mainly by video conference.
Have a look below to explore how it really works…


Congratulations! it’a a launch

Bespoke one on one program.
Leadership, Change management, Project launch, Divorce, Mindset shift, Procrastination dilemma… This space is designed to accompany you step by step towards your goals. By building a creative and safe environment, we collaborate to unleash and unravel your paths towards your desired vision of the future.

On the Road

Step by Step

Bespoke one on one program.
You have launched and are on the move but find that you are sometimes having a hard time to clarify your next move. Your head space is so focused on your end goal that it makes it hard to take a step back. Prioritizing and decision making are taking its toll, our hamster friend is back in it’s wheel leading towards procrastination.

Decisions, decisions…

Empower your decision making

Group program.
By joining forces and using the group synergy, we will explore how to be assertive and facilitate the decision making process. Take concrete actions towards various goals by reconnecting Mind and Body and using our intuition and instinct.

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Workshop & Webinar

Coming soon !

Workshop & Webinar

Coming soon !

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